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About Us

In today’s globalized economy more and more companies are striving to locate new partners and create new business opportunities in different countries across the globe. Entering both developed and emerging foreign markets however, can be a challenging task even for well-established companies. Not only is it important to find a partner who meets your requirements, but companies also need to be aware of the many cultural, legal and financial differences that exist in their target markets.

Utilizing an experienced business development consultant actually located in your target country will help you overcome the inherent challenges that exist when establishing relationships with foreign partners. At IBD Consulting (an IBD Group Pty Ltd. company) we will use our extensive knowledge of global market trends, international law as well as local economic history to ensure you find the right partner.

IBD Consulting assists companies offering innovative solutions to enter new markets by providing expert business development services. With a central focus on Israeli, Australian and New Zealand markets, but with an extensive network of associates across Asia and Europe, we are well positioned to help you expand on a global scale.

Currently our focus is working with companies offering new technologies in the medical, agricultural and hi-tech sectors. Working predominantly in these three sectors has allowed us to become experts in our field and through our work we have cultivated a network of experienced business partners representing a wide range of companies.

At IBD Consulting we are committed to establishing the most effective collaborations and strategic alliances to ensure the best outcomes for all of our partners.

Elad Guberman, Director

Elad Guberman
Managing Director, IBD Group Pty Ltd.

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Why Use IBD Consulting?

Save time, save money and reduce your risk…

Establishing a relationship with a new business partner can often be a lengthy process. Face-to-Face meetings, followed up with phone calls and emails are all required in order to get a clear sense of the company you want to work with. Even before you get to this stage, you first have to rule out the other companies offering you a similar service. Following this, you would normally need to spend countless hours investigating foreign markets as well as learn about the complex business practices, trade patterns and various laws that govern your target market. By working with IBD Consulting you eliminate this process entirely, saving you time and money. Your IBD consultant will act as a bridge between your company and your new partner, a local expert on the ground that will deal with initial challenges and be entrusted to make preliminary decisions on your behalf. With business development professionals located in both Israel and Australia there will always be a local professional to oversee your company’s interests. At IBD Consulting we will not work in a new market unless we have one of our professionals located in the country, this is because we firmly believe that face-to-face contact and ongoing communication are essential when building a successful partnership.

In almost all new business endeavours there will be risks that you need to consider. You could spend an entire year working with a company that you believed to be a worthy business partner, only to find they are not a suitable match. The amount of time and money wasted on an unrealized project can be detrimental to any company. Working with a local business development consultant mitigates the risks involved in establishing new business relationships. By having your partner company thoroughly vetted before you are even introduced to them ensures that you are only partnering with quality companies.

Our international network of business development consultants means that we are well placed to introduce your company to your preferred target markets. Each sector and each country presents different challenges, but IBD Consulting will be there to assist you in overcoming each challenge as it arises.

At IBD Consulting we take on various projects both big and small. From a short-term consultation project to help you learn about a potential partner, to an extended long-term partnership where we will assist you with everything from finding a partner, dealing with regulatory controls through to realising your goals and then providing ongoing support for your business relationships. In order to complement our services we are happy to recommend trusted local service providers such as lawyers, accountants and regulation experts to assist in navigating advanced bureaucratic procedures.

As a boutique employee directed company we value trust, personal attention and flexibility. As such we are able to tailor our services to meet your needs so that the end result is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Related to this is our philosophy regarding success, at IBD Consulting our success is intrinsically linked to your company’s own success. As a result we offer many contracts based on success fees alone.

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