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Email : info@ibdconsulting.com.au Call Us : +61 2 800 66697

Enter the Australian market with confidence


Enter the Australian market with confidence

We have successfully assisted dozens of foreign BioTech and AgroTech companies on their business journey into the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) markets.
Entering the Australian market can be a challenge – particularly with its different business culture and language. We can help! Take advantage of our rich experience and numerous contacts.
Our services include – 
  • Market & competitive research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Distributor and reseller identification
  • Roadshow and meetings setup
  • Optimized sales campaigns for the ANZ markets
  • Lead generation
  • Liaison officer and representation

Regulatory Support

  •  Tax & Legal
  • Local regulations including TGA
  • Import/Export
Take advantage of our comprehensive network, covering the top Australian Medical and Agriculture  companies.
for a free 1 hr consultation from one of our leading market experts Contact us  
(available for a limited time only)


IBD Consulting provides complete business development services for leading-edge companies wishing to enter new and emerging markets. From initial consultation and market appraisals, to establishing your solution in your target market, we can assist your company in achieving its international business development goals. At IBD Consulting we choose to work with companies using innovative technologies in the medical, agri and hi-tech sectors, with a focus on companies coming from and seeking entry into the Israeli, Australian and New Zealand markets.

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