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insighteclogolarge6x4InSightec Ltd. 
is the pioneer and global leader in MR guided focused ultrasound technology. Founded in 1999 by GE Healthcare (then GE Medical Systems) and Elbit Medical Imaging its mission is to transform its MR guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) into a clinically viable technology.

Since then, InSightec has invested close to $200 million in research and development. The company holds over 90 patents with additional intellectual property pending. The company is headquartered in Tirat Carmel, Israel, near the port city of Haifa. It has US offices in Milwaukee, WI and Dallas, TX as well as offices in Europe and Asia.

The company has two main products: ExAblate® O.R. and ExAblate® Neuro. The system is made up of a patient table that docks to the GE MRI, a console, an equipment cabinet, transducers and cooling units.

ExAblate®  O.R. is a platform for treating body applications. The system incorporates interchangeable cradles which contain the focused ultrasound transducer. ExAblate O.R. offers both commercially approved and research treatment options for a multitude of clinical indications such as: uterine fibroids and adenomyosis, pain palliation of bone metastases, breast cancer*, prostate cancer*, and various other indications.

ExAblate® Neuro  non-invasively treats brain disorders via a thousand-element helmet-like transducer. ExAblate Neuro is CE marked for the treatment of Essential  tremor, Parkinson’s and Neuropathic pain. Clinical trials are underway for brain tumors. Preclinical research is being conducted in stroke and targeted drug delivery.

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