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Inpris Innovation Products

Inpris will change the way you type on your smart devices. All you need is intuition. visually impaired around the world are struggling to adopt touch screen technology. In order to use these devices, the user must constantly look at the screen, which is inefficient for sighted people and impossible for the visually impaired. While there do exist some solutions for screen reading, there isn't an efficient and accessible way to type on touch screens.

Inpris created a technology that enables Touch-typing and Braille typing on the touch screen itself, eliminating the need for external expensive equipment.
Inpris offers an invisible, ergonomic, intuitive and secure touch screen control that everyone, including the visually impaired can easily use.
The UpSense keyboard is a revolutionary intuitive and ergonomic gesture based keyboard. It enables 16,000 gestures with one hand only.

As a Braille typist you will be able to use your tablet computer just like anyone else, without any additional clunky and expensive equipment.
Place your fingers on the tablet’s touch sensitive screen and imagine that the screen is a Braille input device.
Now start typing. The world of tablets will open to you as never before.

For more information regarding business opportunities with this partner in the Australian market please contact us , info@ibdconsulting.com.au