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Kamedis Bio


The Kamedis founders had a vision to combine ancient herbal wisdom with modern technology to develop highly effective and safe skincare products. To accomplish this, Kamedis gathered scientists and renowned herbalists from around the world to find a healthy and safe solution to skincare. This team of dedicated individuals integrated two disciplines—the holistic understanding of the human body based on thousands of years of herbology and modern, advanced research.

The Kamedis team invested in research and development of more than 1,000 herbs and leveraged a state-of-the-art herbal extraction process to determine the most effective herbal-based ingredients for common, problematic skin conditions. The result was a unique, powerful and clinically-proven line of effective skin care products with a high safety profile.

Kamedis products are relied on by people around the world who suffer from the most common and troubling skin conditions. Globally, naturopathic physicians and other practitioners rely on Kamedis products to soothe skin conditions from the outside-in, while they work to address the underlying causes and bring their patients to a healthy state. These products are now available in the United States and are being used successfully to address the symptoms of skin conditions.

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