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Email : info@ibdconsulting.com.au Call Us : +61 2 800 66697

NeuroTech Solutions (NTS)

Neurotech Solutions Ltd. is leader in developing and marketing cutting-edge, cloud-based technologies focused on human cognition and behavior with a special emphasis on Attention disorders. Our goal is to support professionals worldwide to improve their patients’ daily functioning, academic abilities and achievements.

The Neurotech MOXO® Analytics Platform is an innovative science-based, clinically tested system, presenting a novel method that enables an objective decision-support way for diagnosing ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and treatment processes. MOXO® Analytics delivers measurable metrics of developmental and behavioral state with a novel, driven testing system and advanced computational approaches that also include unique visual and auditory distractors and a contemporary reference population collected in various countries.

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