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PowerPlug Ltd.

PowerPlug develops innovative PC Power Management solutions for organizations. The company’s leading products, PowerPlug Pro and Wakeup Portal, enable organizations of all types and sizes to implement power saving solutions on their computers quickly and easily, without any interference to the IT department’s activities or to employees and end users.
The most effective PC power management platform for cutting electricity costs A PC in standby mode consumes nearly 20 times less energy (5 W/hour) compared to a PC that’s left to stand idle (90 W/hour). The catch is that when left in power-saving mode, employees cannot access the PC from home, nor can IT run any maintenance tasks on it. This is where PowerPlug Pro comes in.

PowerPlug Pro is a highly effective and simple-to-implement PC power management solution for mid to large size organizations. The platform requires only a single server and SQL database to manage and monitor the energy consumption of up to tens of thousands of PCs – leading to tremendous energy conservation, but without affecting employee productivity or disrupting day-to-day IT operations.

When it comes to power management, any one-size-fits-all solution is inefficient. For this reason, PowerPlug Pro installs a smart agent on every PC in the organization. This allows for centralized, highly flexible power management by the administrator.

A single PC consumes $100 worth of electricity a year. By simply installing PowerPlug Pro in your organization, you can reduce that cost to $40 to $60 a year. It’s that simple!

For more information regarding PowerPlug, their products and the business opportunity in the Australian market, please Contact Us

PowerPlug Ltd