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Reduce Corporate PC Power Consumption by Up to 60%

PowerPlug Pro – A PC Power Management Software Solution for Reducing PC Power Consumption & Related Costs



Organizations and IT departments put a lot of effort into managing and reducing energy consumption within their data centers, when significantly greater savings can be found in their PC networks. With PowerPlug Pro, you can easily reduce your corporate PC power consumption by up to 60% resulting in both financial savings and carbon footprint reduction

PowerPlug Pro is a software-only solution that enables organizations to manage and optimize PC power consumption based on their specific needs. The software provides advanced features and configuration options enabling maximum savings without disrupting IT operations or end-user productivity. Comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities provide detailed information about current power consumption, potential power savings, and actual power saved, allowing the organization to plan, apply, track, and optimize power savings on an ongoing basis.

Effective power management of corporate PCs can significantly reduce the power consumption of unused or idle PCs by up to 60%, in comparison to “always on” PCs. This can save $60 – $80 per PC per year in electricity costs.

PowerPlug Pro – Key Features and Benefits PowerPlug.Logo322


  • Centralized Management of Power Saving Policies
  • Optimized for the Organization’s Specific Needs
  • Scheduled and On-Demand Computer Wakeup
  • Remote Connection with PowerPlug Wakeup Portal
  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities



We at IBDC are proud to be PowerPlug’s distributor in the ANZ markets, for more information and for a free trail of the PowerPlug Pro solution please  Contact us


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