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The IBD Consulting resources page is a chance for interested individuals and companies to learn about international business development, predominantly as it relates to Israel and Australia.

Below you will find information about upcoming events, useful info in the form of articles and information packages as well as links to external websites providing targeted information of specific areas of interest.

If you want to ask a question, leave a comment or initiate a discussion we invite you to contact us through our forum.

Coming Events

Useful information

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Today more than ever exhibitions, conventions and trade fairs are vital marketing platforms that produce positive results in a short time frame. They are a cost-effective means of reaching your target audience in one time and one place.

Additionally, participating in exhibitions, conventions and trade fairs can provide you with useful information to help you understand and grow your business. Each event provides and opportunity to gain feedback from your clients, giving you real-time insight into market expectations. You are able to accurately assess your own market potential as well as that of your competitors, while staying abreast of product advances and new technologies. Finally events such as these are a brilliant opportunity to establish new alliances and joint ventures, which in turn could expand your company’s reach to otherwise uncharted markets.

What’s Coming Up Next

Exposure & Brand Identity

Allowing you to position your company and product relative to the market and your competitors, as well as receiving media attention which can heighten your company’s profile beyond the event’s attendees

Customer Contacts

Allowing you to acquire many new customers and their vital information at one time, as well as maintaining and renewing relationships with existing clients

Sales Promotion

Allowing you to present your product through live presentations and demonstrations to a relevant customer base is often the most effective way of generating new sales. Each demonstration can be immediately followed up by question and answer sessions with your audience helping you accelerate the sales process


Allowing you to network with all the relevant market participants

Useful Information

Documents with in-depth information regarding legal, trade and commercial issues in countries you are doing business with.


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